Tuesday, January 3, 2012

first day back from Christmas break..

I started my morning off waking up 35 mins till school started which meant skipping breakfast. I regretted that by 2nd hour.. my stomach was growling so loud! lol. well anyways, i thought the first day back to school from being off for 2 weeks would be laid back and easy, but i was wrong. I had a final in Algebra two that i didnt even know about, eeeeks.

After school i went to work. I work at the bank in town as a teller. & tonight was extremely busy because we were closed yesterday & man was it rough, lol.

but im ending the long busy day, with a warm piece of cake & a cup of coffee, and a new episode of Teen Mom.. :D


Monday, January 2, 2012

First post :D

Im so excited to finally have my own blog! i've been wanting to get one for awhile but just never had the time to sit down and actually create one. To tell you a little about myself, im 16 & im just anverage teenager. i absolutely LOVE shopping. I have a boyfriend, whose name is Dalton, He's a big part of my life. I love my family, they mean the entire world to me. Im a junior in highschool and i absolutely CANT WAIT till' i graduate. I grew up in a big city, till' a couple years ago, my parents decided to move to the country and im still trying to get use to it. welp, thats about it for now.